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  In the Fall of 2010 I had come home from working overseas in the Middle East. While working there I had become a big fan of RC racing, where RC racing every week end was the normal routine. After arriving back in the United States, I decided to continue the racing program I had learned to love but soon found out that there were no tracks locally available to race at. Frank Brazeal and I travel to Dallas several times to race but very quickly determined that the drive was too far and gas was too expensive. Frank and I (Now D&F Racing) decided to build our own track to race at because of the need.  Eagle RC Raceway was established and phase one of the construction was completed and opened to public racing in the Spring of 2011. The Eagle RC Raceway track was built with some special thought in the design. The track at that time  was 600 ft. in length and was built to the contour or topography of the land. It was built with the intention of allowing racer s to come and race and not have a difficult track defeat them but instead help them to win. Frank and I found in our race experience that track owners have the idea that the tracks should be complicated to drive and super challenging. Unfortunately we went home many times with broken equipment because of the track. Eagle Raceway is designed with the driver in mind, at Eagle Raceway we want you to be able to go home with a good car you came with. We don't want the track to defeat you, we instead want you to win by beating your competition. If your new to RC racing this is a good track to start on.  The track is excellent for Short Course Trucks and vehicles both Electric and Nitro. Practice is available before the race and on special calendar days. 2012 was a good racing season for us by completing nine races. We established point's system program that continually tracks the position of the racers in their respective classes. In December we crowned our Track and Class point's champions. For 2013 we have added on additional 200 ft. of track as the second phase of expansion plans were completed. For the future, we plan on adding some additional jumps for more competitive racing competition. 2014 has also been a good year for the track, we added a new drivers stand and covered area for time keeping and Check in. We also added a new table top jump. This year 2015 has gotten off to a slow start because of the weather, This should pass and we can see some good racing ahead that will take place this year. I Look forward to seeing you at the track, check the calendar or Home page for the next available practice and race.

Don McGraw
Owner and Operator

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