WD 40 for cleaning

The Quick & Dirty Way To Clean Your Rides w/Marty Korn

May 5th, 2015

By: Marty Korn

Cleaning your car is probably the most important maintenance you can do. Not only does it keep your car looking nice, but it forces you to look over every part. This is when you will find loose screws, bent hinge pins, or cracked plastic.

For my electric cars I use a damp towel and a toothbrush or detailing brush. I will go over my car daily and even between runs. Electric cars rarely get dirty enough for a tear-down style cleaning. Cleaners like simple green work well but be careful to use them sparingly. They are water based and can cause rust on hinge pins and screws.
For my 1/8th cars I usually remove the front and rear clips as well as the engine. This allows me to get the entire chassis clean as well as all of the suspension parts. You could use simple green but for nitro I prefer to use WD-40. I spray my front and rear clips liberally and let it sit for a few minutes. Then I use a few different brushes to remove any stubborn dirt. Then I use a compressor to blow off all the excess WD-40. For the most part it all comes off but you may want to run over everything with a clean towel. If you leave any WD-40 behind it can actually attract a little dust so make sure to get your car nice and dry.
Not only is WD-40 a great cleaner and very affordable, but it will not cause rust or damage your parts in any way. You can use it on the entire car except for your brakes, electronics, and engine.
It is the fastest and most effective cleaning method that I have ever found and is my go to in most situations.

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