Eagle RC Raceway General Rules

Rules are a necessary to maintain fairness and safety of our sport. I have a copy of the ROAR rules if you would like to see them, you can also go on line and download a copy. The document is over hundred pages long, so good luck in reading it through. I like to use the Roar Rules as a guide for our track. Someday I am in hopes that we can have a Roar Sanction track to run on but I have a ways to go yet in the construction of the track to meet compliance. If we were to have a sanction roar race all the ROAR rules would apply, during these events they bring in their people to support the races to help them run smoothly and maintain consistency in the events.

Some of the Eagle RC Raceway rules that we will go by are as follows:

Track Rules:
• If a Safety Concern is identified during races and/or when cars are on the track, a red flag announcement will be performed by the Race Director and all cars will stop immediately in place and wait for direction from the Race Director.

• During races only drivers who have cars running in the race are allowed on the drivers stand.

• Parents are responsible to keep children off the race track.

• When walking on the track do not walk or step on top of the Berms

• NO Drinking of alcoholic beverages at Eagle RC Raceway.

• Clean your pit area when you go to leave, Throw trash in provided trash cans.

• NO driving your RC car on the drive way in front of the staging areas where people or children are present.

• If you are using a transmitter that has a Crystal Freq. You need to check in with the signup table and advise them of the Freq. number.

• NO 1/5 scale cars are allowed on the track.

Driver Rules:

• During driving no cutting corners / cones. A penalty of (loss of one lap) will be assessed against the car for each cone cut.

• Do not start the race until the horn sounds to begin the races, known as jumping the start. First violation, car is move to last position on restart, Second violation car is disqualified from that race.

• If a driver is attempting willful destruction of a competing competitor’s car, the driver will be disqualified from that race. A warning will be issued to the driver. If a second occurrence happens then the driver will be disqualified for the day. If the driver achieves willful destruction of a competitor car the driver will be band from racing at the track.

• If a race Marshal is picking up your car stay off the throttle, until the race marshal releases it to race.

Pit Rules:
• Perform all maintenance during the race in the pit area or at your staging area.

• If your car breaks during the race, the Race Marshal will bring it to you. Do not go out on to the track to try and reclaim it. Once repairs are finished and you’re ready to reenter the race you must reenter the track at the pit location / starting grid and start your lap over. Do not go to the location where your car broke to restart your lap. You will be assessed a one lap penalty for each cone you cut.

Parking Rules:
• Parking is provided to Racers on the East side of the driveway; do not park on the West side of Driveway next to track. You are expected to drive slow and careful in the staging areas taking extra care not

Rain Out:• If weather produces rain check this Website for information: I will send out e-mails telling of the cancellation of the race or practice. A sign will be posted at the track identifying if there is a rain out.

Conduct of Visitors and Racers at Eagle Raceway:
It is the goal of the Eagle RC Raceway to provide a facility for family entertainment for the soul purpose of RC Racing. This is done to promote the furtherance of the sport if actions are taken by the spectators or racers, which is detrimental to the sport (example being: fighting, drinking, cursing and acts that are against the law or a danger to spectators). People who participate in the kind of behavior will be asked to leave the Race Park.

Thank you in advance for your support in following the rules this will help everyone to have a safe and fair play at the raceway.

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