Clean Your Ride

Clean your ride

by Team Driver


Keeping your R/C car clean is an important step in vehicle maintenance.  A clean car not only looks good but is also easy to work on.  After running your car or truck use a brush to remove all loose dirt from vehicle.  You can also use a small pick to remove the dirt from the screw heads on the bottom of the chassis.  Next use compressed air to blow off all the remaining dust and dirt.  Once you have removed all the dirt possible I like to spray Maxima SC1 part #MAX78920 silicone spray on all plastic and metal parts.  Next use a towel to wipe all excess silicone spray off the vehicle.  I like to use a microfiber like part# LP0438.  The SC1 spray works great to clean and restore shine, and repels dirt.  Follow these steps after every day of racing to keep your vehicle looking new!  







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